How I Ended Up Here

Like a lot of people once I moved away and went to college I gained the freshman 15, plus more. Throughout my 4 years of undergrad I continued to gain weight then lose weight. It was a never-ending cycle. Once I graduated I was in a good place with eating and maintaining a healthy weight.

I moved in with my boyfriend about six months after graduating.  My eating habits turned into eating out for almost every meal and never exercising. That’s how I got to my heaviest weight.  At my heaviest I was 177 lbs, the number on the scale never really bothered me. Until one day I became so fed up with how I felt physically.  I was always tired with no drive to do anything.  I soon then started to notice how uncomfortable I was in my own skin.  I couldn’t walk up the stairs without getting terribly winded or even bend over to  put my shoes on without having to suck my stomach in.  I was done.

The next thing I know I was joining a gym and trying to research into clean eating.  I started out with doing tons of cardio upon cardio.  Then found my love for weight lifting.  Over several months I started to see the changes in my body. On my own and with the help of the personal trainers at my gym I have lost 25 lbs.

This lifestyle change was something I did to just be healthier but within the process it has become a passion.  Something that no one tells you though is how hard it is and how many ups and downs there are.

I am in no way a professional when it comes to exercise or even blogging for that matter.  I wanted to start to share with people my struggles and accomplishments in my journey because I want to hopefully somewhere down the road help someone with their fitness journey.

I will be posting weekly blogs about my thoughts and different topics on my lifestyle! I hope you enjoy , thanks for reading!