The Lifestyle Change

When you decide to change your lifestyle from one extreme to another it turns out to be harder than you thought it would be. I went from eating everything in sight, drinking and even smoking every weekend. I treated my body like shit. Once I flipped a switch saying I can’t do this anymore everything changed. In the beginning it seemed like losing the weight was going to be a breeze after seeing all the water weight fall off. Once those water weight pounds fell off it got so incredibly tough. My weekly weight-ins turned in something I was dreading because the number on the scale was not moving. When you don’t see the progress happening it’s hard to stay on track.  The struggle between staying on track and wanting to eat a burger and fries was so real! I’d go out to eat with friends and they would be eating whatever they wanted whereas I was sitting there eating a salad. I would constantly have to remind myself why I was doing it.

Even doing anything social became so different.  I always had to find the time to go to the gym.  My hours after work turned into going to the gym, dinner then bed. When someone would want to hang out they had to wait till I was done at the gym to see me. Same thing happened to my Sundays. Sundays turned into days for me to meal prep for my week so I would stay on track with eating healthy meals.  If I wouldn’t get to prep my meals it felt like the end of the world. It’s amazing how something you didn’t do before becomes so important to you. Also going out to a bar was a big no-no for me. Alcohol turned into my enemy seeing that it caused me so much weight gain in college. My priorities changed so much with my health, but in a good way!

The only thing about changing my lifestyle is that I don’t have too many people in my life being as passionate about fitness as I am. If I want to go out and do something active I don’t really have any go-to people who would jump at the opportunity, which is totally fine but sometimes doing everything alone gets lonely.  My personal training through my gym has taught me so much about how group exercising really truly motivates you in ways you didn’t even know. When you feel like giving up you don’t because everyone is still going. It’s amazing how a group or even just having a partner helps you!

What started as a diet ended up becoming my lifestyle. Trying to lose weight is a constant journey that you will always be on but it’s a very rewarding one if you let it be!


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