The Before & After

Oh the infamous before and after photo of weight loss. The one photo that everyone always debates posting.  I have never actually posted my before and after photos.  I never posted them because my thoughts always went to “Oh you’re going to embarrass yourself” or “No one wants to see that”.  Well you know what, no one deserves to feel that way about posting about a huge accomplishment in their life.  So here is my before and after photos…


The girl on the left is a completely different girl as the one on the right.  I let my weight get out of control, I had no respect for my body.  I was feeding my body garbage so I felt like garbage.  I decided I needed to change how I felt, my two pictures were taken 9 months apart.  Within those 9 months I focused on my eating and exercise.  I had to completely change my mind-set which was easier than I thought.  If you truly want something you will do it with no questions asked.  So when I decided I needed to change my lifestyle I did it because I knew that I had no other choice or I would always feel unhappy.  I changed as a person over this time frame.  I became to love my body again and learn how to take care of it. I became passionate about fitness which is something I never thought I would love.   I was never one to stick with an exercise plan or even be able to eat healthy for a few days but now I could not even imagine my life without fitness and flexible dieting.

This journey has not been easy, to this day it is still not easy.  I have my struggles just like everyone else. One thing I did learn though is to not be ashamed or embarrassed to post your accomplishments. Yes I still have not reached my ideal body goal, but does anyone really?  Just be happy with who you are and your body because no matter what you’re beautiful!



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